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Xtra Protec Kit

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Our Xtra Protec Kit is specifically designed for iPhone airpods users and include 4 items:

This item represents the most and main important item of the kit .
Our cases are specifically designed to protect your airpods against bumps, drops and scratches.
Their superior design was engineered to absorb strong shocks and keep your device intactly safe.
Moreover, our cases include a precise hole location in order for you to charge your device without having to take out the original case.
Adding to that, Xtra Protec cases contain an anti-slip bars on both sides.
Our cases were made to last and are Environmentally-friendly. Indeed, they are made of medical grade silicone and their soft textures offers a great-holding grip without deforming.
Last but not least, our Xtra Protec iPhone earbuds cases are fashionable and simple, come in different colors and styles and match your iPhone case perfectly due to its slim and secure way to carry your device.

Our Xtra Protec Covers are one of our most demanded accessories.
You need to stretch them enough to attach them but not so much that you rip them. But once you get them on, you can simply leave them on your Earphones.
Despite their thin design, the Xtra Protec covers do a good job of keeping the Earphones in your ears thanks to the silicone surface.
They slip snugly over your Earphones and provide a secure fit when you place them in your ears. The covers are comfortable and help keep your AirPods firmly in your ears so the fit won't loosen.

The Xtra Protec Straps are very convenient and easy to use. Indeed, to prevent loosing your Earphones s, this tool remains the most effective especially in crowded environments or during activities such as physical activities.